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Wildlife of Kerala

Water Falls

Take a closer look at a rich variety of wildlife at some of the Kerala's most stunning national parks and sanctuaries

Nature’s grandeur can be best experienced in its raw, virgin state.

Monuments of Kerala

Backwater Tourism

Kerala's numerous monuments speak volumes about its rich historical heritage. Legends, Myths and archealogical findings combine to provide interesting evidence regarding the early history of Kerala.

For an unforgettable experience, back water of Kerala provide a exotic experience. With a wide range of soothing experience...


Landmarks in Kerala

Soak in  the rich heritage of Kerala.With about 35 different types of tribal people in Kerala, tribal dances like elelakkaradi, paniyarkali and mankali still survive.

The magnificent Landmark of Kerala provide an invaluable insight into the god's own country.

Dance Forms

Worship Places

Spectacular visual effects and stunning music are hallmarks of Kerala's performing arts. In a land which cannot boast of monumental architectural feats, unlike many other parts of India, the performing arts, both individually and collectively, make up for the lost magnificence.  

Unity in Diversity.Kerala has many worship places.The Chuliyar Bhagavathy Temple, The Lake Temple, The Mahaganapathy Temple, Thiruchambaram Vishnu Temple,Sri Muthappan Temple, The Glass Temple.

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Destination Gallery take you to a tour of Kerala. Exoctic sea beaches and amazing destinations.

Kerala has a bag full to offer you. A place where you can have memorable gift for your loved ones and can carry mementos back home.


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Kochi <-> Thrissur

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Kozhikode <-> Bakel <-> Kannur <-> Kasaragod

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