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General info

The tropical state of Orissa lies along the eastern seaboard of india, south of Bengal. Its main attractions are the temples of the capital Bhubaneshwar, the long sandy beach at Puri and the great Sun Temple at Konark. These three sites make a convenient and compact triangle. Orissa is predominantly rural, with fertile green coastal plains rising to the hills of Eastern Ghats. The state is mineral rich and is a big exporter of iron ore, with a large factory at Rourkela. The Oriyas, 25% of whom are indigenous tribal peoples, are particularly friendly and hospitable.

Area:   1,55,707 Sq. km.
Capital   Bhubaneshwar
Airport:  Bhubaneshwar
Main Language:   Oriya

Places to See

Puri is one of the most important pilgrimage centre for the Hindus. The renowned Jagannath temple built in the 15th century AD and crowned with Vishnu's wheel and flag dominate the landscape at Puri. The temple with its elaborate carvings and mouldings are very fine examples of Kalingan architecture. (Non Hindus are not allowed)
Visit the finest temples - Lingaraj, Rajarani, Mukteswar, Brahmeswar and Parasurameswar. These temples are some of the best specimens of the Orissan Temple Architecture.
At Dhauli Hills visit the Ashokan Edicts. On top of the Dhauli Hill, near the ancient rock edict is a Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa).
The beautiful Sun Temple built in the 13th century in honour of the Sun God, contains exquisite carvings, life sized lions and elephants, colossal figures of warriors on horses, scenes of battle and chase - all carved with great imagination and skill, testify to the high standard of ancient indian art and engineering skill.
10 kms west of Bhubaneshwar are the Udaigiri Caves, which were occupied by the Buddhist monks as early as the 2nd century BC.